Introducing SKW extensions at Hidden Beauty Lounge

I’m excited to announce I will be in Vegas April 22nd to learn this ground breaking teqhnique in hair extension services! Below is some information about SKW hair extension method.

SKW extensions is the first and ONLY method to be developed by a person with a medical license. A nurse for 10 years, a Nurse Practitioner for 6 years, a hair stylist for 13 years. She utilized my experience in dermatology and cosmetology to create the SAFEST method on the market.

“My technical intentions in developing this method were to eliminate bead to scalp and bead to hair contact, track tension, over-direction of the hair and ZERO glue. My medical intentions were to eliminate contact dermatitis and traction alopecia resulting from existing methods. This has become a common ailment in extension application. I receive hundreds of messages from clients and stylists seeking professional advice in regards to these complications. This is NOT based upon lack of education or training on behalf of the stylists. This is an inconsistency with the method. SKW artists receive a full day hands on training in addition to virtual support and refresher courses as needed. I will always encourage my artists to continue their education and perfect their skill set but just know that an SKW artist will be able to install the extensions safely upon certification. This is not a method that requires months or years to master. Otherwise, what’s the point?! Yes, any hair service runs the risk of minimal to moderate damage but if you’re experiencing extension damage beyond the extent of a pony tail that is not acceptable.

SKW is growing by the minute and the vision to create a change in the industry is well known. I will expect other methods to follow suit in eradicating these problems, perhaps try to replicate SKW. That’s a given. However, SKW will remain TRULY unique based on the medical provisions applied in its creation.” “Sarah K Wilks, RN, BSN, MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner, Cosmetologist

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