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CLASSES for 2020

Evolve by Tara Hair Extension Certification 

What makes Evolve by Tara Extension Education different? 



> We are committed to small classes where every student gets personal attention.

> Your class tuition includes a ONE ON ONE DAY, YUP! When you invest with us we are 100% invested in your success!  After the class we will schedule a model day for you.

I will work with you giving you extra tips and tricks after you have spent time alone practicing!

> Private Instagram to connect directly to your educator!



THE METHODS, You will learn TWO!

> Quick to install, Easy to learn, Healthy and Hidden for your client. 

Our method takes 20 minuets per row

This method is comfortable during installation for your guests, there is no pulling the thread tight or over extending the hair.  This guarantees a healthy scalp and no balding or breakage.

We will also train you in our Hidden Method, you will not see any beads when you pull the row up.



> Start booking clients IMMEDIATELY after your class with our 4 part Step-by-step guide! We do not leave you on your own to market and get started, we are here for you!

We will teach you exactly how to do this, what to do, what to post and how to JUMP START this service.

We focus NOT ONLY on the installation method, but how to be successful once the class is over. We have seen way too many stylists travel across country, spend days in classes of 30-50 stylists only to have "failure to launch syndrome".



We will focus on 3 important areas:


1. Extension Theory

-   No over-directing the hair (no alopecia)

-   Beads do not touch the skin (no contact dermatitis)

-   Even distribution of weight

-   How to place the rows so they are truly hidden! 

2. Installation

-   No expensive overhead

-   The perfect consultation

-   How to pay for the hair NO out of pocket to get started

-   How much hair to order and from what trusted vendors

-   Exact placement on different heads and hair types

-   Color Matching 

-   Cutting, Blending and Styling 

3. Marketing

-   How to launch your new extension services successfully 

-   4 part Step-by-step guide to build QUICK!

-   How to fill your books with your dream clients



Click link above

Include: $800, Full Name, Email, Phone number 

and Date of class you would like to reserve.



























Items you need to bring for Class:

Doll Head



Foil Comb

10 Alligator clips

Water bottle

small scissors

Class Dates for 2020



September 28th

I can't wait to meet you!

If you have any questions please email me at


10am to 4pm
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